October 5th, 2013

How to Do Friction Massage Technique

What Is Massage Friction

Massage friction consists of deep, circular or crosswise movements created with the thumbs, fingertips, knuckles, palms, or elbows. It’s a stroke that aims to penetrate through the skin and to control the muscles below. It’s the foremost penetrating of the strokes, targeting the deeper layers of the tissue.

In this article you may find out how to perform friction.

Massage Friction Classification

  • Circular and crosswise.
  • Based on the direction of the manipulation.
  • Finger friction.
  • Small circles created with the fingertips or with the thumb.
  • Palm Friction.
  • Large circles created with the palm.
  • Cross Fiber Friction.
  • Any friction that’s dead across the somatic cell. Numerous angles square measure allowable. The pressure is typically terribly deep.
  • Other types: elbow friction and knuckle friction.

Circular Friction in Massage

For the circular friction, the therapist’s hand, or thumb, or finger, keeps a firm contact with the patient’s skin, (like a glove), and it reaches through the skin targeting the muscles below. The fingers don’t glide over the skin the least bit; they’ll rather move the skin, which then operates on the underlying tissue.

The circular friction is healthier performed while not the employment of oil, lotion or different rubbing lubricants. It’s a technical mistake to use lubricants once capital punishment friction.

Massage Techniques – crosswise Friction

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  • It is additionally mentioned as cross-friction or cross fiber friction.
  • The technique uses the ideas and pads of the fingers, or the finger knuckles, (for deeper action), or perhaps elbows. For a lot of pressure we will reinforce by inserting one fork out the opposite. As in circular friction, the fingers don’t glide over the skin, however depress thereon and move across the underlying tissue. Because the technique’s name suggests, the movement may be a crosswise friction, across the muscle’s fiber, or across the connective tissue, or ligament.
  • Although the classic technique involves manipulating little body areas and no flying over the skin, trendy variants mix flying and friction to control larger body surfaces. Such a way may be a deep elbow massage targeting the muscles on the spine.
  • Ask the patient usually if the pressure is deep enough or if is simply too deep. Keep in mind to continually friction on the other aspect of the spine from wherever you’re standing. Strokes square measure typically tired the direction of the muscle fibers and following the blood circulation.

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